the story

The idea of Automotive Business Challenge is based on the challenges implementing and managing best practice values in the automotive retail market.

Making decisions, team working and understanding the dependence of different core business areas is crucial for meeting up to the fast changing environment.

Automotive Business Challenge is a unique tool based on a simulation model that develops and broadens the understanding of the most important KPI’s based on numbers familiar from your daily work. Automotive Business Challenge thus improves the level of competence and co-operation on all organizational levels within a car dealership.

The Automotive Business Challenge works as a cloud service and teams are managing dealerships and competing against each other in a given dealer market. The sessions are arranged in workshop format for up to 5 teams per event.


The simulation model can be tailor-made to fit all markets.

the team

  • Edvard Duncker
    Edvard Duncker
  • Kenneth Ekstrom
    Kenneth Ekstrom
  • Carlos Cardozo
    Carlos Cardozo
  • Ann-Helen Storgårds
    Ann-Helen Storgårds
  • Sam Weintraub
    Sam Weintraub
  • Mika Sorvettula
    Mika Sorvettula
Automotive business challenge

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